Grapevine: Putin's tiger wanted for goat deaths in China

Table Games: Sometimes, you have to put your money on the table and sometimes the table is worth a heck of a lot of money.

Kean University in New Jersey is under fire for buying a $219,000 conference table from China -- a country where the taxpayer-supported school is trying to expand its campus.

The 22-foot table has an illuminated world map and a motorized two-tiered glass turntable.

The price tag is prompting one lawmaker to ask the New Jersey attorney general to review the bidding process.

Quote -- "Whether or not this is legal, it's certainly not ethical and it's a waste of taxpayer money...I don't need a study to know a university shouldn't be spending up to $219,000 for a conference table. I already know it's wrong. So do the students and families struggling to afford a higher education."

The university's president told The Record News that the school got a good deal by going to China.

They're Great: Russian President Vladimir Putin's tiger is wanted by Chinese authorities.

State media say one of the Siberian tigers that Putin released into the wild is the prime suspect in a series of goat deaths in China.

Three goats are still missing.

The tiger -- which carries a tracking device -- crossed into China last month after being set free in May by the Russian president.

I Pardon Thee: Finally, tomorrow President Obama will fulfill his traditional role in pardoning the National Thanksgiving Turkey.

But in Seattle, the mayor is putting a West Coast spin on the tradition.

The mayor of Seattle has pardoned a tofurky.

It even had a name Brayburn the Tofurky.

For the unaware, tofurky is not a living creature.

It is a vegan food made of protein and tofu that is supposed to taste like turkey.

The event was part of a food drive competition between the city council and the Mayor's office, with the losing office having to hand deliver doughnuts to the winners.

Confetti at Macy's parade contained confidential police records

Spectators at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade were showered with confetti while enjoying the festivities-- the problem? The confetti contained shredded paper made from confidential police records! Many of the small strips of paper contained personal information, including social security numbers, detectives phone numbers, names of undercover police officers and even information on Mitt Romney's motorcade. Police are investigating where the paper came from-- the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade only uses commercially manufactured, multicolored confetti.




What are you thankful for?

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Happy Thanksgiving!



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