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Special Report Grapevine: Red Bull paying for not living up to claims

Clipped Wings: Red Bull is handing out up to $13 million for not actually giving you wings.

The energy drink giant has settled a pair of class action lawsuits for false advertising.

The suits claimed people were misled by the slogan and the advertised benefits of increased performance, improved concentration, and better reaction speed.

Promises the still wingless drinkers call false.

Red Bull has denied any wrongdoing but has settled in order prevent further litigation.

The settlement entitles anyone who bought a red bull product from 2002 until last Friday to a cash settlement of $10 or $15 worth of Red Bull products.

Quid Pro Quo: Thailand is taking a stand against policemen taking bribes by offering them bribes.

The government wants to provide a financial incentive for cops to turn down freebies as part of an effort to combat the ingrained culture of corruption within the police force.

And it appears to be working.

The country's police major general announced that two policemen were awarded the equivalent of $310 for refusing a $3 bribe.

In Thailand, bribes are commonly used to get out of minor traffic offenses.

Final Exit: Finally, the last remnants of the metric system on the interstate highway system may be heading for an exit.

Signs like this one use the metric system in Arizona for a stretch of 60 miles -- or about 100 kilometers.

The markers are the last remaining relic of a failed Carter administration pilot program aimed at convincing Americans to adopt the measuring system used by much of the rest of the world.

The state was planning to replace the signs because of wear and tear and converting them to miles.

One supporter admitted the conversion would make things simpler.

Quote -- "When I'm driving, I definitely can't do that math."

The plan was stalled after business owners complained about exit numbers and road markers changing which would force them to update marketing materials.

Officials say they will seek public input before making a final decision.

Special Report Exclusive: Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson joins Bret Baier live & in studio on Special Report Friday, October 3rd at 6pmET.

Secretary Johnson is at the center of the country’s defense against new terrorist threats from ISIS and other terrorist groups. In addition, we will talk to him about stopping the spread of the Ebola outbreak and working with the CDC & TSA.

He’s in charge of the Secret Service as well as border & immigration issues, including a new executive order.

Don't miss this exclusive interivew on Fox News Channel! 

Special Report Grapevine: I'll take cliches for $1,000, Alex

Costly Error: A simple mistake caused one of the largest stock trading errors of all time this morning. An accidental stock order totaling $711 billion dollars-- that is larger than the size of Sweden's entire economy-- was made in Japan this morning. Included in that order-- almost two billion shares of Toyota-- more than half of all Toyota shares on the market. Upon further review the order was quickly cancelled when the error was noticed. Financial experts blame fat finger or clumsy typing for the mistake. 

Reporter Blocked: A reporter covering the First Lady's appearance at a campaign event this week says the White House tried to stop her from talking to the people in the audience. Michelle Obama was stumping for Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke Monday when Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reporter Meg Kissinger says she quote: "was told by a Mary Burke aide and one for the White House that I could not speak to the people in the crowd. To say that I was creeped out is an understatement. This is what reporters do in America -- we speak to people. At least that's how I've been doing things since 1979."

Based on the story she filed, Kissinger ignored that request. We have reached out to the First Lady's office and the Burke campaign for comment. We have not heard back.

In Jeopardy: Finally, America's favorite quiz show is under fire tonight for a category that many say was downright sexist. On Monday's episode of Jeopardy one of the categories was "What Women Want." The clues are being called stereotypical and offensive. One of them read "Some help around the house: Would it kill you to get out the Bissell bagless canister  every once in a while?"

The question: What is a vacuum cleaner? The other correct responses for what women want:  jeans, pilates,  a crossword puzzle, and sleepytime tea.

Viewers lashed out on Twitter. "Did you tape your recent episode in 1950? Or are dated, sexist stereotypes of women still alive and well for your writers?"

"What women want? What is equal pay? What is the right to make my own health decisions? What is treated like a human?" 

The Grapevine called the folks at Jeopardy. They said they had nothing to add.


Behind The Scenes: Special Report in Louisiana

Thank you to the town of Lake Charles, Louisiana for your hospitality! We enjoy visiting cities around the country to bring you Special Report from the road-- we hope you feel the same way. We will be doing more of these shows as we approach the midterms and into 2016.


Special Report Grapevine: Drive-Thru Funerals

Back To The Future: The Royal Canadian Air Force had to get creative when seeking out replacement parts for its search and rescue airplanes – they ended up raiding the National Air Force Museum. In July 2012 – according to documents just made public – two navigational parts were taken off a Hercules plane on display and installed in a similar craft still in use. The Search and rescue planes were supposed to be replaced starting in 2002, but none are on the horizon.

House Calls: A former VA supervisor has been sentenced to four years of probation, community service, and $15K in restitution after pleading guilty to theft of government property. Venita Godfrey-Scott, a supervisor in the facilities management service, directed VA employees to work on her private home, including installing a deck, putting in new carpet and bathroom improvements. The employees worked on her home during regular work hours and used her government issued credit card to purchase supplies.

A Quick Goodbye: A funeral home in Michigan has installed a drive-thru windows allowing people to pay their last respects… without having to park. The drive-thru option is featured at Paradise Funeral Chapel in Michigan. The Saginaw News writes that the body of the deceased is visible through a window of the building. Mourning periods are limited to 3 minutes and a guestbook appears from a retractable door.

The War On Poverty

Paul and Daniel Sing 'Happy Birthday' to Dad

Paul and Daniel made this special video (with help from mom) to wish their dad a very happy birthday today-- check it out below and send Bret your birthday wishes via Twitter @bretbaier! 

And yes..Bret and President Obama share the same birthday. 

Special Report Grapevine: Protecting Our Borders From The YMCA

Clean Streets?: Detroit's financial woes are well publicized, but you may not have heard that the crime has dropped big time.  Compared to last year, robberies are down 37%, break-ins have dropped 22%, and there has been a 30% decline in carjackings.

One opinion-- "Part of the drop in crime and robberies in particular is because criminals are thinking twice that citizens could be armed."

That is not the NRA chairman or the gun lobby..this is from Detroit's police chief James Craig who also cited good work from police investigators is part of the crime decline. One gun control advocate isn't buying the story from the police chief, saying it is a complicated issue.

"Our position is, more guns equals more crime."

Taking it to the Streets: Arizona congressional candidate Adam Kwasman was trying to protest the arrival of immigrant children to a small town. While giving a speech to the crowd  a bus arrived and the Republican tweeted a picture of a yellow school bus saying, "Bus coming in. This is not compassion. This is the abrogation of the rule of law."

The candidate approached the bus before letting it continue.

The problem? The bus was full of YMCA campers..not illegal immigrants. Kwasman later apologized for the mixup.

The Name Game: Finally, the Washington Redskins may have their day in court but if they enter one judge's domain the team's name is not welcome. In a footnote  Judge Peter Messitte took a stand, "The Court will refrain from using the team name...referred to hereafter simply as "the Washington Team."

The name may not be welcome on TV either. The head of CBS Sports has not ruled out banning the team's name, saying they will likely leave it up to the announcers. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell echoed that --"We don't dictate to our broadcast partners how they cover the game. That's their decision."

The owner of the Redskins Dan Snyder has vowed not to change the name. 

Special Report Grapevine: Professor fired for calling global warming unproven science

Don't Agree? You're fired!: A University professor has been fired from the progressive group Institute for Policy Studies for publicly calling global warming unproven science. Caleb Rossiter is a self-described progressive activist who has taught classes on the misuse of statistics in the climate change debate.

He says ""If people ever say that fears of censorship for 'climate change' views are overblown, have them take a look at this. Just two days after I published a piece in the Wall Street Journal calling for Africa to be allowed the 'all of the above' energy strategy we have in the US the Institute for Policy Studies terminated my 23-year relationship with them because my analysis and theirs 'diverge.'"

Rossiter says officials at the institute have refused to explain their decision further.

Using an I-Pad during a debate..cheating or just keeping everyone honest?:  The moderator was not pleased when New York Congressman Charlie Rangel pulled out his tablet to counter his opponents during a recent event.

Moderator: "Congressman, are you Googling during this debte?"  

Rangel: "No I just wanted to show what he was picking out was inconsistent"

Moderator: "But it's not fair because they don't have their devices"

Rangel: "Oh I was going to show it to them, but you are right."

Rangel went on to tell the audience to fact check opponent's statements against the voting record.

Twitter Oops: Besides jumping out of a perfectly good aircraft in celebration of his 90th birthday, Former President George HW Bush received calls from many world leaders, including Russian President Vladimir Putin. Though the official Kremlin Twitter missed one very important letter in publicizing the phone call --

"Vladimir Putin congratulated George W. Bush on the 90th anniversary."

The Tweet was eventually deleted and another corrected version was published.

Business insider reports  The Russian President also sent a gift.. painting of the elder President Bush as a young Navy ensign.




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