Sandra Fluke to campaign for President Obama

Politico: Sandra Fluke to campaign with Obama in Denver


The Georgetown law student famously insulted by Rush Limbaugh for backing insurance coverage of birth control will introduce President Obama at an event in Denver on Wednesday, a campaign official confirms to POLITICO.


Sandra Fluke, whom Limbaugh called a "slut," will introduce Obama at a campaign rally at Auraria Campus.


The event is one of several scheduled during his swing through Colorado on Wednesday and Thursday. He will also attend events in Colorado Springs, Grand Junction and Pueblo.


Limbaugh's insult, for which he ultimately apologized, came earlier this year after Fluke testified against a bill in Congress that would have allowed companies to avoid providing contraception for religious reasons. Obama personally called Fluke after the incident and Fluke later wrote an op-ed endorsing him for president. Her presence on the campaign trail this week was first reported by the Denver Post.