Poll: Millenials now trust GOP would handle health care better than Obama

By: Special Report Intern Gabriella Morrongiello

Five Senate Democrats have proposed rewriting the Affordable Care Act to end insurance policy cancellations, former President Bill Clinton critiqued the President for not delivering on his 'keep your insurance' promise, and Liberal policy-blogger Ezra Klein has been fairly critical of Obamacare's roll-out in his Washington Post column.

Unfortunately for the President, faith in his competence has diminished among more groups than just pundits and politicians.

A new Quinnipiac National Poll published recently shows a shocking shift with regards to Obamacare in the attitudes among Millenials-- who voted for President Obama by an overwhelming 66-32 percent margin in 2008.

The numbers include a 54 percent disapproval rating of President Obama's job performance by poll participants ages 18-29, and a 6 point spread favoring "Republicans in Congress" over the President in terms of who Millenials trust to do "a better job at handling health care."

The latter results reflect how significantly the disastrous Obamacare rollout has impacted Millenials' perception of the President. When the same poll was published on October 1 - the day the health insurance marketplace launched – Republicans in Congress trailed President Obama by 20 percent.

"If Obamacare never gets fixed, it might just sour the single best relationship the Democratic Party has: its love affair with the young," wrote Peter Beinart, a Liberal political pundit and senior political writer for The Daily Beast.

The recent poll also shows a downward spiral in the approval numbers for the President’s handling of the economy, immigration, foreign policy and the federal budget.

60 percent of poll participants ages 18-29 disapprove of how President Obama has handled the economy, 49 percent disapprove of his handling of immigration issues, 53 percent disapprove of his foreign policy, and 59 percent disapprove of how he has dealt with the federal budget. The President's response to terrorism was the only instance where Millenials awarded him an approval rating higher than the disapproval percentage.

If Millenials’ advocacy for big government continues to drop precipitously, Obamacare participation may be even less than anticipated.

"Are you 30 years old or younger and in good health? If you answered yes, congratulations, the future of Obamacare depends on you," wrote Matthew O'Brien, senior associate editor at The Atlantic.

What O'Brien and the Administration realize is that to prevent a "death spiral" and the skyrocketing premiums that would result, young healthy individuals need to enroll in the exchanges to shore up the subsidized system.

However, according to Sally Pipes, President of the San Francisco-based Pacific Research Institute, "the stats are showing that the young are not signing up."

When poll participants expressed in large number that they do not see the President as “honest and trustworthy” it spoke to a recent comment by  Sean Sullivan of the Washington Post, “Obama may have run his last campaign, but there is still a lot riding for his agenda on the way he is perceived. And right now, the way he is perceived isn’t good.”

Chattanooga Times Editor Fired Over Anti-Obama Headline

By Howard Kurtz, Fox News Analyst 

The editorial page editor of a Chattanooga newspaper has become, as he tweeted today, “the first person in the history of newspapers to be fired for writing a paper’s most-read article.”

The problem was not the anti-Obama editorial itself. It was the headline: “Take your jobs plan and shove it, Mr. President: Your policies have harmed Chattanooga enough.”

Is that, in this age of vigorous media debate, really a firing offense?

The Chattanooga Times Free Press says that Drew Johnson got the boot, after just 14 months on the job, for adding the headline “outside of normal editing procedures.” The editorial appeared on Tuesday, the day that Obama visited the Tennessee town.

The Times Free Press says that “the headline was inappropriate for this newspaper. It was not the original headline approved for publication, and Johnson violated the normal editing process when he changed the headline. The newspaper’s decision to terminate Johnson had nothing to do with the content of the editorial, which criticized the president’s job creation ideas and Chattanooga’s Smart Grid. The Free Press page has often printed editorials critical of the president and his policies.”

The paper, oddly enough, has two editorial pages: the conservative Free Press (which Johnson ran and where the piece appeared) and the liberal Times.

On his Twitter feed, Johnson said that “any time the paper wanted to change the headline online (which is how most people read the editorial), they could've.” He added: “We change headlines all the time at the last minute. I had a filler headline in that stunk and thought of that Johnny Paycheck song.”

General Petraeus' Resignation

News of CIA Director David Petraeus resignation came as a shock today as rumors spread on Twitter and across the internet that the four-star general had an extramarital affair. General Petraeus, serving more than 35 years in the United States Army, submitted his letter of resignation to President Obama just days before he was set to testify in the Benghazi hearings on Capitol Hill. The Senate Intelligence Committee says he will no longer testify--


President Obama accepted the resignation and said his “thoughts and prayers” were with General Petraeus and his wife.


Do you believe that the Benghazi attack played any role in General Petreaus’ resignation? Let us know your thoughts here on the blog and on Twitter @BretBaier.

What will President Obama's second term look like?

More on this tonight on Special Report including the President Obama's cabinet-- who will stay and who will go? And what challenges lie ahead for the president and his administration? 


Also, the latest news on a breaking story--a US military drone fired upon last week by Iran over international waters-- why are we just learning about this now? And Catherine Herridge with a Benghazi update for us all at 6pm ET on Special Report!


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Young love at an Obama campaign event

Take a close look at this photo Tweeted by the Obama campaign's official Twitter account as "Photo of the Day"-- top row.

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7-Eleven 'Coffee Cup Election' is back!

It's back! The popular 24-hour convenience store is once again asking customers to select their favorite candidate by choosing either a red cup for Mitt Romney or a blue cup for President Obama! The store is branding it as the "7-Election 2012," and while it isn't a scientific poll, it has proven to be eerily accurate in years past! In the 2004 race (Bush vs. Kerry) Bush came out on top with 51% of the 7-Election "votes" and in the actual election...Bush received 50.7% of Americans' votes! And..in the last election (Obama vs. McCain) Obama won the 7-Election vote by 52%!

So we want to know-- what do you think? Will you be stopping by your neighborhood 7-Eleven?

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