Associate Producer Lauren Pick Featured in WAPO!

This is from a story written by Alex Baldinger and Fritz Hahn for The Washington Post. You can check out the full article here. Congratulations to Lauren and her fiance, Sam, who will be getting married next weekend! This is her last day at Special Report for 3 weeks-- we will see you after the honeymoon! Enjoy!


Lauren Pick

27, Washington

Television news producer and season ticket holder with fiance Sam Cowin

“We moved here in 2008 when we graduated from college. I’m from Texas and grew up an Astros fan. Sam is from Chicago and all his family are Cubs fans. We went to some games that summer — our bosses and our friends would give us free tickets every once in a while. It was fun, but it wasn’t serious.

“In 2009, we just found ourselves caring. I work late, and every night, I’d find myself going on, checking the standings to see if the Nats were still in last place, and figuring out how many games they needed to win to get up to fourth place.

“One day, we decided to get a dog. We drove out to Woodbridge and picked up this cute little beagle, and on the way back, Sam was throwing out all these Nats-related names. He kept saying ‘Strass.’ I said, ‘We cannot name our dog Strass. That’s not going to work.’ So he kept suggesting names, and finally, he got to Zimm. And I said, ‘Okay, if we’re going to go this route, then let’s go with Zimm. That’s a nickname. That will work.’

“One Saturday last February, I woke up and there were photos of us scattered all over the floor, and every one was of us at a Nats game. There was a note that said ‘A car is coming to pick you up, and Zimm and I will be waiting for you.’ That’s when I noticed that my dog was missing. So [Sam] had a car pick me up, and the driver got lost — he didn’t know how to get to the ballpark. I essentially had to tell the driver to how to get to my surprise proposal! When we got to Half Street, the driver told me to close my eyes, and I was like, ‘Really? I know where we’re going.’ I mean, what else is on Half Street?

“There will be some Nationals elements to the [April 6] wedding: The groom’s cake will have a Nationals helmet as a cake topper — the kind you get ice cream in — and we’ll have a caricature of us there that we had done at the ballpark.

“We had to pick a day before the team announced the schedule, and we’re not going to be able to go to opening day. I feel terrible about it. I’m flying home to Texas on Saturday, and Sam can’t take any more time off work, because he’s already taking off for the wedding and the honeymoon.

“We’re getting married in Texas, and then we’re going on our honeymoon. The first thing we’ll do as a married couple in the States is to go to the game on April 14. ”