Bret interviews Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu

Bret Baier will interview Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today to discuss the stalled effort by the Obama administration to broker a peace deal with the Palestinian Authority as well as the implications from Iran’s nuclear program, the ongoing civil war in Syria as well as the overall security outlook for the region. Please join us tonight at 6pmET for Special Report on Fox News Channel.


Chuck Hagel: Can the past come back to haunt you?


The possible nomination of former Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel as secretary of defense is causing quite the uproar. Many are opposed to Hagel becoming the next defense secretary due to comments he made many years ago.

Earlier this month Hagel apologized for a comment he made in 1998 regarding the nomination of the former U.S. Ambassador of Luxemburg James Hormel. Hagel called Hormel "aggressively gay" during an interview in which he was expressing his opposition to the nomination.

Senator Hagel has also drawn the attention and criticism of pro-Israel groups for having made comments regarding Israel and the Jewish lobby and has been labeled as an anti-Semite and anti-Israel.

President Obama has come out recently defending Hagel, saying he did not see anything that would disqualify him as a potential nominee. A Hagel nomination could be a reality as early as Monday and many critics are prepared to put up a fight.

What do you think? Are you opposed to a Hagel nomination or do you believe he is the best candidate for the job? Let us know here and on Twitter @BretBaier and @SpecialReport!



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