From Brit to Bret: A Primetime Vowel Change

Happy "Anchorversary"


Congratulations again on five years at the helm of Special Report! We hope these messages come as a surprise (we tried to record them without your knowledge) and that you know how much we appreciate you as a colleague, anchor and friend.

We look forward to the next 5+ years!

---The Special Report Staff

Baier Christmas Greetings: A look back through the years

We thought it might be fun to take a look at the Baier family Christmas greetings over the past few years---the Baier boys have grown!

A look back at 5 years of Special Report..

The 5 year celebration continues!

Omelette station for breakfast and cake following lunch-- the Special Report staff is surprising Bret left and right! This time we called in some reinforcements--Bret's family joined us to celebrate his 5th anniversary as anchor of Special Report!


Bret Celebrates 5 Years as Anchor!

Happy New Year!

Wishing you all a safe and happy New Year! We had a little celebration with the boys (since they will be in bed at midnight) and they loved it--check out a few of the photos:

Merry Christmas!

I will be in today to anchor Special Report and bring you the latest with President Obama's end of the year news conference-- but I spent the morning with my family!

With Daniel at his class Christmas party--enjoying gingerbread cookies and hot chocolate!


Paul (on the end in the back row) singing at his Christmas pageant!

The Baier family drops by Fox News for a visit!

"Nuclear Option" Changing Senate Filibuster Rules Could Come Thursday



On The Show

Gov. Mitt Romney has said he has no plans to venture into the 2016 presidential race, but a new poll has the former Republican presidential nominee with a 22-point lead over other theoretical GOP challegers.

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