Bing Pulse!

The Special Report—Bing Pulse …live feedback within the show tonight from 6-7pET! We did it on State of the Union night…and now, it’s running during the Special Report panel. Weigh in as often as you wish….every 5 seconds, if you like…and see the results LIVE, on the show and online.  

It’s simple, you either agree or disagree as the discussion unfolds.   Bret gives the results at the end of the show and there will also be a full recap in the Fox News First email note tomorrow morning. 

It’s the first time ever that viewers get to participate in the evening news, anywhere.  Check it out here:


Special Report Online and Microsoft's Bing

Join us tonight for Special Report Online as we introduce a new feature you’re sure to enjoy.

Special Report is partnering with Microsoft's Bing to let you take your comments and opinion to the next level. The SR-Bing Pulse is a live, interactive tool that allows viewers to talk back in real-time, sharing their opinions on the panelists’ thoughts.

To participate you can click on the Bing link on the online show page or visit Please note that you need to have both websites ( and open on your computer or you can participate with Bing using your smartphone and just haved SR Online on your desktop, laptop or iPad. The browswer will automatically refresh for you--

Once you select your gender and political affiliation you can click one of the five buttons ranging from strongly disagree to strongly agree. You can vote every 5 seconds and the votes are shown on a graph in real time. A high "pulse score" shows the group agrees with what was just said and a low "pulse score" indicates the group disagrees. Start voting at 7pm when SR Online kicks off. 

If you are new to Special Report Online or find that you are having trouble with our new weplatform please see below. We have provided a few tips to help you out--

--During Special Report you can visit and begin participating in Special Report Online. The Online show officially starts at 7pmET and Bret and the panel will join at that time.

--You should see a video screen and a comment section along the right side of the page. If you only see the video and you are not able to see the comment page you should adjust your computer screen resolution by going to your desktop, right clicking, selected properties, settings and turning up the screen resolution before selecting apply/save. 

--To view the comments and video you do not need to register online, but if you would like to participate and leave comments please click the login tab in the top right corner and  enter your information using your personal email, Facebook or Twitter account. You can do this at any point during the day to ensure you are able to participate at 7pmET.

--Comments may appear as "pending" and we will be adding as many as we can as quickly as possible for you. Please do not be concerned if your comments do not appear right away.

--To view past episodes of Special Report Online please visit and scroll down to the bottom of the page to the video section. Select all videos and you will see "Special Report Online" in the list. You can also click here--

Have further questions? Tweet @BretBaier or @SpecialReport or email us at




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More reaction to President Trump's State Department shake-up.

Tonight's All-Star Panel

  • Steve Hilton @SteveHiltonx
  • Mo Elleithee @MoElleithee
  • Stephen Hayes @stephenfhayes

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