First Lady Celebrates Milestone Birthday at Secret Party

First Lady Michelle Obama celebrated her birthday in a big way this weekend with an all-out (secret and social media free) celebration at the White House.

The First Lady's milestone 50th birthday party was the talk of the town (and much of the country) this weekend.

The high-profile guest list included everyone from close family friends to journalists, Hollywood celebrities and sports stars. 

Magic Johnson, Al Roker, Vice President Joe Biden, Samuel L. Jackson, Rachel Ray, Sir Paul McCartney, Jennifer Hudson, former President Bill Clinton and former First Lady/Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Gayle King, Ashley Judd and former Olympian Michelle Kwan were just a few "celebs" in attendance. 

Guests were encouraged to eat before arriving to the White House at 9pmET and instructed to wear comfortable shoes. President Obama told guests to come ready to dance and the party was billed as "Snacks & Sips & Dancing & Dessert." 

Performances by Stevie Wonder, John Legend and Beyonce had party-goers dancing all night long according to sources. Beyonce is a friend of the Obama's and performed many hits-- including "Single Ladies" and "To The Left."

Photo: Beyonce Tumblr

Another interesting note-- cell phones were not allowed. Guests were asked to leave phones (and social media) at home and there was even a cell phone check at the door.

That didn't stop some from tweeting following the event:

The party reportedly went well into the morning hours--which would make sense given the timing of the tweet above--and a good time was had by all. 

Beyonce was lip-synching?

Try not to be too upset, but it appears as though Beyonce may have been lip-synching at yesterday's Presidential Inauguration festivities! The New York Post is reporting an exclusive story....SHE HAD A PRE-RECORDED VOCAL TRACK!! Check out the story for yourself and listen again..what do you think?? Feel duped?  We even brought it to you as our kicker last night on Special Report! 



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