Happy "Anchorversary"


Congratulations again on five years at the helm of Special Report! We hope these messages come as a surprise (we tried to record them without your knowledge) and that you know how much we appreciate you as a colleague, anchor and friend.

We look forward to the next 5+ years!

---The Special Report Staff

A look back at 5 years of Special Report..

The 5 year celebration continues!

Omelette station for breakfast and cake following lunch-- the Special Report staff is surprising Bret left and right! This time we called in some reinforcements--Bret's family joined us to celebrate his 5th anniversary as anchor of Special Report!


Bret Celebrates 5 Years as Anchor!

Art In Embassies Commemorates 50th Anniversary!

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Coming Up

Bret will have the latest from the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, amid the email controversy of DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Tune in tonight at 6pm EST!

All-Star Panel

  • George Will @georgewill
  • Mara Liasson @MaraLiasson
  • Julie Pace @jpaceDC
  • Monica Crowley @MonicaCrowley

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