Justice Department investigating Clinton Foundation

Reporting by Catherine Herridge
In a series of phone calls, more than one White House official lobbied Attorney General Jeff Sessions, discouraging his recusal from the Russia case. 
Sources familiar with the discussions said White House Counsel Don McGahn, former Press Secretary Sean Spicer, and former Chief of Staff Reince Priebus all spoke with Sessions as pressure mounted on the Attorney General, after his meeting with the Russian Ambassador came to light. Fox News has reached out to Spicer and Priebus for comment. 
Sessions has long maintained he announced his recusal due to a standing Justice Department regulation. A separate source said the president was deeply frustrated with Sessions because while he was under consideration for Attorney General, he gave no indication he would recuse himself.
Lawmakers have pressed the Attorney General on the recusal and its fall out.
In a separate development, senior senate Republicans Chuck Grassley and Lindsey Graham are referring the former British spy Christopher Steele, who compiled the Trump dossier, to the Justice Department for criminal prosecution.  The senator’s accuse Steele of lying about the dossier’s distribution, which included reporters.
A source tells Fox News the Justice Department is investigating allegations the Clinton Foundation used ‘pay to play’ tactics when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.
The investigation is being led by the U.S. Attorney’s office and the FBI in Little Rock, Arkansas, and they are considering whether the Clinton Foundation violated tax law, promising or delivering favors in exchange for donations or gifts. Multiple witnesses have been interviewed.
White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders told Fox the investigation is justified.
“I think that’s good news. Certainly I think there have been a lot of things that give us cause for concern. I think it’s a great thing that it’s being looked at. We’ll have to wait and see what happens but there’s certainly been a lot of information out there that I think gives all of us concern and it’s important they’re taking a look at it.”
A Clinton spokesperson responded: “Time after time, the Clinton Foundation has been subjected to politically motivated allegations, and time after time these allegations have been proven false. None of this has made us waver in our mission to help people.”