Trump heads to Missouri to push tax reform

Reporting by John Roberts

As the president kicked off his campaign for tax reform in Springfield, MO, a new FOX News poll finds his approval rating at just 41%. That’s down 4 points from April. 55% disapprove –a 7 point rise since April and a record high.

56% of registered voters think President Trump is tearing the nation apart vs 33% who believe he is drawing the country together.

His highest marks were on his handling of the economy with 49% giving him a thumbs up.

The president’s speech in Missouri was all about why tax reform is important to the economy, now how plans to do it, with a particular focus on the people who put him into the Oval Office—middle income Americans.

“We believe that ordinary Americans know better than Washington how to spend their money and we want to help them take home as much of their money as possible and then spend it,” the president told the crowd.

His speech set the table for meetings at the White House text week.

Tuesday, the president will strategize with the so called “big 6” on tax reform—Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Orrin Hatch, Kevin Brady, Stephen Mnuchin, and Gary Cohn.

Wednesday, he’ll meet with the bipartisan congressional leadership. Tax reform is not officially on the agenda, but likely to come up.

After the repeal of Obamacare fell flat, the president laid down a stern marker to his colleagues on Capitol Hill.

“I am fully committed to working with Congress to get this job done and I don’t want to be disappointed by Congress. Do you understand me?”

And he took specific aim at Missouri Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill who is up for re-election next year.

“She must do this for you and if she doesn’t do it for you, you must vote her out of office!”

President Trump also appeared to take notice of criticisms about his visit to Texas yesterday and his fire station address to people in Corpus Christi. Several publicans said the president’s tone lacked empathy and was more akin to that of a political rally.

At the top of his Missouri speech the president did reach out to victims of Harvey, saying “to those affected by the storm, we are praying for you and we are here for you every single step of the way.”

The president’s response so far to hurricane Harvey received middling marks. 44% of registered voters said they approve. Just 26% say they disapprove while 30% said they were unsure. With so much yet uncertain in the aftermath of Harvey a lot of folks have yet to make up their minds.