Car bomb in Kabul

Reporting by Greg Palkot

Smoke rose over Kabul, Afghanistan today as an explosive filled car rammed into a bus filled with government workers. The suicide bomber left at least 24 dead and 40 wounded as well as vehicles and shops destroyed. Civilians were among the injured, including women and children.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the carnage saying intelligence agents were victims. Afghan officials denied that, bud do admit the death toll following this and other attacks in Kabul and across the country is growing with nearly 1700 civilians killed this year.

All of this comes as the U.S. is weighing more troops to the country with some 8,500 there now—down from earlier levels, serving in an advisory role.

Afghan security forces often seemed overwhelmed by Taliban fighters. Insurgents overran districs outside of the capital recently. They are active nationwide.

While pledging “total victory” in military matters at the commissioning Saturday of a new aircraft carrier, President Trump is still reportedly uncertain about sending more troops to a  conflict raging for some 16 years.

Experts do note that Kabul hasn’t fallen yet, perhaps giving a reason to hang in there, despite Taliban atrocities.