August recess: DELAYED

Reporting by Mike Emanuel

With no deal in site on healthcare reform Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced he’s delaying recess until the third week of August.

The Majority Leader blasted Senate Democrats.

“We are getting zero cooperation on the personnel part of the Senate’s portfolio which is confirming nominations. Therefore we will be in session the first two weeks of August that we had originally anticipated we would not be here.”

White House officials are furious with Senate Democrats accusing them of the slowest confirmation process in American history.

Of 197 presidential nominations to agencies, the senate has confirmed only 49. And only two of the president’s 23 judicial nominees have been confirmed.

White House officials are singling out Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer for leading what they call an unprecedented campaign of obstruction.

This afternoon, Schumer fired back.

“I have sympathy for the Republicans, I wouldn’t want to go home and face the voters either because they are not getting a very good reaction when it comes to this bill.”

Earlier today, 10 Republican senators called for an August recess adjustment—unless meaningful progress has been made on fixing healthcare, funding the government, dealing with the debt ceiling, passing a budget resolution, and improving the tax code.

“We have very important issues we have got to get done and resolved until we peel back home,” said Republican David Perdue.

Many also said they don’t want to be rushed on an issue as important as healthcare—Senator Jon Hoeven: “We are going to want some time to talk to people, experts in the industry who know what works and what doesn’t. It’s going to take some time to work through that and understand it.”

Most Republicans say they had to do something. The White House and their constituents expect results and they couldn’t justify going home again with nothing to show.