Special Report Grapevine

Noble Cause: The National Institutes of Health does some great things -- like being part of the group that completed the human genome project in 2003, researching cures for cancer, and supporting almost 150 Nobel Prize winners. Some projects may not rise to that level --like the almost $3 million study into "The Striking interplay of gender and sexual orientation in obesity disparities."

In plain English -- why lesbian women are more likely to be obese compared to straight women while the opposite is true for men.  The study -- and the price tag -- are not sitting well with many. The Washington Free Beacon reports the study was started 2011 and scheduled to continue until 2016.

It's a Trap:  A speed trap in a small Florida town finally caught someone besides speeders. Two Florida police chiefs have been suspended after a group of police officers accused them of mandating a minimum of 12 traffic tickets during each 12-hour shift.  A small segment of highway that runs through Waldo, Florida requires drivers to speed up and slow down six times ranging from 35 to 65 miles an hour. The city's 2013 budget reveals about half of its $1 million dollars in revenue came from ticket-related court fines.

House of Responsibility: Finally, a fitting end for one historic house. The birthplace of Adolf Hitler in Austria will be turned into a Holocaust museum under a new government plan. In the past the building has been used as a library, bank, and most recently a workshop for the mentally handicapped. The final decision rests with Austria's interior ministry which is expected to approve the project before the end of the year