Special Report Grapevine: Yogurt and Yoga..same thing, right?

Get It In Writing: Apparently the Environmental Protection Agency is not too concerned with killing trees. Since 2009 the Obama EPA has issued 2,839 new regulations or about 1.5  a day. That works out to be about 25,000 pages worth of rules and regulations. For the sake of comparison that is about 19-times as many pages as the Gutenberg Bible. The EPA regulations contain around 15-million words which is 23-times what the Bible holds  and dwarfs the 4,543 words contained in the US Constitution.

Do As I Say, Not As I Do: Speaking of the environment, A Greenpeace executive is under fire for not practicing what the group preaches. The Guardian writes the group's director of international programs commutes on a 250 mile flight to get to work  several times a month. Greenpeace says it does not want to outlaw flying, but does want limits because "The growth in aviation is ruining our chances of stopping dangerous climate change."

One Greenpeace volunteer told the Telegraph that he finds the flights  almost unbelievable.

Namaste:  DC councilman Marion Barry has taken a strong stance against a tax on yogurt in the District and even took a swipe at a fellow councilman for proposing it. The problem? Such a tax does not exist. Barry was asked about the yoga tax not yogurt. The Yoga tax is a nearly 6% levy  on all fitness memberships and it passed the council today with Barry's support.

Unorganized Crime: Finally, a Minnesota burglar could not have made it much easier for the police. They say Nicholas Wig broke into a house and made off with credit cards, cash, and a watch, but not before he took the time to log on to Facebook using the computer in the house he broke into and forgot to log off. Local reports say the homeowner worked with the police to catch Wig who could face up to 10 years in prison.