Grapevine: Journalist finds he's 'allergic to newspapers'

Dodge the Question: Dodgeball may not be allowed in gym class anymore, but dodging questions should be an Olympic sport for politicians. Two democratic Senate hopefuls are being pressed on whether they would have voted for the Affordable Care Act if they had been in office in 2010.

All Aboard: 341 brand new trains are ready to hit the rails in France as long as they do not have to enter some of the stations and pick up passengers. Why? The trains are too wide to fit in 1,300 stations.Engineers built the trains to fit the more recently built stations, but did not account for many more older and narrower platforms. The mistake is going to cost 68 million dollars to fix because the old railway stations  have to be trimmed. The French Rail Network has accepted responsibility for the mistake.

Allergic to Work: One journalist's job is not exactly killing him, but it is causing some discomfort. Michael Dresser, a 38 year employee at the Baltimore Sun, found out he is allergic to a dye used in newspaper ink. Dresser says he will be wearing rubber gloves at work and wants to limit the number of times he has to explain why.