Navy Seals Escort Tanker With Stolen Oil Back To Libya

A platoon from Navy SEAL team 2, somewhere under 30 men, approached the Morning Glory oil tanker 15 miles SE of Cyprus using multiple RHIB boats (rigid hull inflatable boats) deployed from the USS Roosevelt.  They used a series of ladders to get onto the tanker.  2 AK-47’s were found on board.  No shots were fired.  Within 2 hours the operation was completed and the ship was secured.

The rebels remain detained on board and will be handed over to the Libyan authorities.  The ship will also be handed to the Libyans, either at sea or in port somewhere in Libya.  It will take 3 or 4 days to get the ship in Libyan waters. 

The SEAL team has since left the ship and 25 sailors from the USS Stout are now on board.  They will help direct the ship even though the ship’s original crew is on board as well.

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