Second baby believed to have been cured of HIV

Last year scientists announced that a baby born with HIV had apparently been cured after receiving high dose of antiretoviral drugs just hours after birth. There were skeptics who questioned whether the baby had ever really been infected with the virus to begin with, but just this week a second case was reported and presented at the annual Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections in Boston, MA.

A baby born to a mother with AIDS in Long Beach, CA last summer also received high doses of AZT, 3TC and Nevirapine within the first four hours of birth and nine months later there is no evidence of the disease in her blood.

The exciting breakthrough could change the protocol for treating as many as 250,000 babies born infected each year around the world and holds major promise for the future of medicine. 

A new clinical trial will target as many as 60 babies born HIV-positive and place them on the medications within two days following birth.

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