Special Report Grapevine: A guacamole crisis?

Guac in Jeopardy?!?!  Now this is a climate crisis that could serve as a real wake-up call.  Reports that Chipotle may get rid of guacamole if climate change gets worse has lots of people up in arms.  In an annual financial report to investors, Chipotle warned that if weather changes made it more expensive to get products (specifically, avocados), they may take it off the menu.  Today Chipotle says we can all relax- for now- it’s all just legal jargon we wouldn’t understand.

That Empty Feeling  A NYC man is suing—for everything—after a junk removal company accidentally cleaned out the wrong apartment, and took everything he owned to the dump.  They were hired by the landlord to clean out apartment 2B, but they went to 2D instead.  He came home from work to an empty home—they only left his TV and PS3 behind.

Legal, But Still Annoying  Grand Rapids, Michigan is repealing a city wide ban on being annoying.  Current law reads: “no person shall willfully annoy another person.”