Presidents and Exercise

Exercise—some of us cringe when we hear that word. Americans tend to have busy schedules and finding time to hit the gym can be tough. A recent study found that even seven minutes of exercise can be effective on the body and exercise has been proven to be good not only for your overall physical health, but for your mental health as well.

It has been nearly two weeks since former President George W. Bush, 67, underwent a procedure at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, TX to clear a blocked artery in his heart—news which many found surprising given that he had no prior history of heart disease and leads an active lifestyle.

President Bush has enjoyed sports and physical activity for most of his life. He played baseball as an undergraduate at Yale University. He was undoubtedly one of the most active presidents and enjoyed frequent exercise even while in office. He would often fit in early morning jogs and bike rides along the White House grounds or at a Secret Service training facility outside of Washington. Friends have even described him as a workout fanatic and Bush’s schedulers knew to leave him time in the day to fit in a workout whenever possible.

After leaving office Mr. Bush continued his physical fitness routine—perhaps even taking it up a notch.  Each spring he sets out on a grueling 100-kilometer mountain bike ride with wounded veterans across the rough terrain of the Texas desert.  Our own Bret Baier joined Mr. Bush on one of his annual rides a few years ago and can attest to the level of fitness required to keep up with the former president.

President Bush is said to be doing fine following the procedure and the Bush Center tweeted that he was looking forward to hosting the 3rd annual Warrior Open golf tournament set to take place towards the end of September. His blockage was found during a routine physical—something he encourages everyone to do on a regular basis.


So when the days are stressful and you just don’t think you can find a spare minute to hit the gym or even just take a short walk outside---remember that the leaders of our great nation have been doing it for years. 

We have compiled some video of presidents staying active to provide you with a little inspiration. Enjoy--