Viral Video: Cook Exposes Buffet Chain Restaurant Health Violations

Brandon Huber is a cook at Golden Corral Buffet in Port Orange, FL. He is behind a shocking video that has gone viral in the past week. The video appears to show trays of prepared food and raw meats sitting out behind the dumpster. Brandon says his manager and other employees put the food near the dumpster just before an inspection. We can only assume that would be the health inspector, but it is unclear as to why the food is removed from the kitchen to begin with. What is wrong with it that it would fail inspection and requires hiding?  Brandon also mentions that he has tried to bring the issue up with corporate, but that nothing has come of it. 

So we want to know-- what would you have done if you were in Brandon's shoes? Would you continue to pressure the corporate office? Quit--even if it was your livliehood? Alert the health inspector? Or do you agree that the video was the best way to handle the situation? In the video he claims he didn't know what else to do and was afraid for public safety and his job. 

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