How you can help Newtown

Like all of you, the staff of Special Report has been grieving for the families of the Newtown, CT. We were deeply saddened to learn of the senseless acts of violence that occurred on Friday at Sandy Hook Elementary School. We continue to try to cover the story in a way that is compassionate and with the families, friends and neighbors of the victims in mind. Whenever something like this happens we ask why--


Our hearts go out to the people of Newtown-- to the families of the victims-- 20 beautiful children, their teachers and principal, and the Lanza family--and we will continue to keep them in our thoughts and in our prayers. We also keep the first responders in our prayers as they were quick to respond to the scene and witnessed something no human being should ever have to see.


Many of our viewers have expressed thoughts and shared prayers for the families and have asked us how else they can help--


If you would like to help the town of Newtown, CT: