Mitt Romney-- too wealthy?

Governor Mitt Romney doesn't think it's odd that most Americans say they do not know that much about him. In fact-he jokes we might know more than we want to by the time this race is over. The former Massachusetts governor also mentions that he doesn't think his wealth will affect how ordinary Americans relate to him and his family.


"This is not a nation that divides people based upon whether they've been successful or not. We don't say, 'oh, boy, this person won the lottery and therefore they can't understand me,'" Romney told Fox News. "We instead look at people and celebrate their success and their achievement and we look for people who have the skills we think will make our lives better."

So we want to know..what do you think? Do you relate with Governor Romney and his family? Does his wealth affect how you view him?

You can catch more of Bill Hemmer's interview with Mitt and Ann Romney tonight on Special Report!