Grapevine: Unspent federal money?

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Oscar-winning producer, Marine and motivational speaker Gerald Molen spent weeks preparing the commencement address for the graduates of Ronan High School in his native Montana.

But when he arrived at the school, he learned he'd been canceled.

The principal cited concerns that Molen was too right wing.

In a letter to a local newspaper, Molen said the principal didn't ask to see his speech which urged students to write a movie script for their lives, no politics included.

Money Matters

The soaring national debt is a worry for most Americans. But what happens to allocated money that is never spent?

Well the answer is apparently, nothing.

That is what Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn claims in a report titled "Money for Nothing" released Thursday.

Coburn outlined $70 billion in years worth of appropriated funds that remain in the pipeline spent on nothing.

Coburn says -- quote -- "The exception to the proverb 'a penny saved is a penny earned' is the federal government, where an unspent dollar represents lost opportunities to reduce the debt or to assist an individual, a family or a community."

Game Change

Team Romney is focused on the number 270, the electoral votes needed to win in November.

A campaign presentation displays Governor Romney's "route to 270" -- 6 must-win states Obama carried in 2008, plus Arizona.

There's just one problem with that strategy, if Romney wins everywhere Senator McCain did in 2008 and flips those 6 states it still doesn't add up to 270 but 260.

They better hope their political strategy is better than their math.


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