Amputees create bionic hands controlled by brain signals

Device uses nerves and muscles transplanted into arms from legs

Study: Gerbils, not rats, brought plague to Europe

 Climate data may clear rats' bad reputation

Study: Marijuana 114 times less deadly than alcohol

New scientific research on recreational substances published

Texas professor lives in dumpster for one year

Environmental study on college campus

Will Benji Madden regret tattoo tribute to Cameron Diaz?

Rocker inks new wife's name on chest

Mom arrested after sending girl to school in shame shirt

Shirt says Florida student was beaten at home for having bad grades

Schools may ask kids as young as 6th grade pick career paths

Officials in many states considering new approach to coursework

Survey shows muscular men are more misogynistic

British study identifies gym rats as more likely to have sexist beliefs

Fraternity sues school over demand it become coed

Controversy over new policy at Wesleyan University

Report: NYPD told to pop mints to keep from cursing

Official resigns after his recommendations were considered too strange


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