Tom Shillue: Costly college isn't the only kind of education

Mark Cuban warns student loan bubble about to burst

Groom fakes ISIS kidnapping at wedding reception

Prank results in newlyweds dancing in fake cage in Egypt

Nevada bill would allow Pop-Tart guns in schools

Effort to decriminalize pastry pistols

British spy agencies told to recruit middle-aged mothers

Belief that more diverse group would better expose threats in UK

Study: People look less attractive after 2 drinks

British research on how alcohol alters appearance

Big food brands giving products 'hipster makeovers'

Taco Bell, McDonald's target millennials with new franchises

Lawyer says Edward Snowden is ready to return to US

NSA whistleblower wants guarantee of legal and impartial trial

Vermont town could let 16 and 17-year-olds vote locally

Activist argues working teens have no representation

Study: A dog's memory lasts only two minutes

Dog owners skeptical of study

Chicago bar bans cell phones

Lounge wants patrons to enjoy each other's company


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