Cops: Naked neighbor not committing a crime

Man's habit of standing nude at front door angers North Carolina community

Would you want to talk race with your Starbucks barista?

Company launches new campaign

NYC schools swap suspensions with 'talking circles'

Department of Education reportedly decided traditional discipline was racist

Study: Money makes you care less about other people

Research on corrupting influence of wealth

Muslim students protest 'American Sniper' screening

Activists fear flick will incite racism on University of Missouri campus

Critics warn 'talking' Barbie could eavesdrop on children

Interactive Hello Barbie doll records and uploads conversations to server

Shillue: Ferguson a 'story inspired by actual events'

It's not media bias, it's made up

Study: US millennials highly educated but unskilled

Americans aged 20-34 tested below 'mediocre'

LEGO rejects female Supreme Court justice figurines

Company deems idea for 'Legal Justice League' too political

Mom posts online video lecturing boy pursuing daughter

Woman offers advice to love-struck classmate who won't take no for an answer


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