Shillue: Terror is an inconvenience for the Obama admin.

It distracts from issues more important to them like climate change and gun control

Is there a right way and wrong way to begin an email?

Column calls for end of common phrase

Halftime Report: Weiner's latest scandal

TV's Andy Levy reports from the 'Red Eye' News Deck

'The Tick' pilot made available on Amazon Video

Actor Griffin Newman discusses the history of 'The Tick' 

Does banning homework help or hurt students?

The panel debates a Texas teacher's lesson plan

Halftime Report: Mike Pence gets a haircut

Guest ombudsman Joe DeVito reports from the 'Red Eye' News Deck

Trump team: Polls wrong because we have 'undercover' voters

Kellyanne Conway blames lower numbers on perceived social stigma of supporting the GOP nominee

Fugitive wore 'Hollywood quality' old man mask to evade cops

Massachusetts gang suspect apprehended in realistic costume

Halftime Report: A Brit's take on the Olympics

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Scientists nearing end of year-long isolated Mars simulation

Six volunteers living in isolated dome in Hawaii


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