Burger King to pay for the Burger-King wedding

Engaged couple gets surprise from fast food chain

Leonardo DiCaprio buys private island to build eco-resort

Actor scoops up land in Belize

FBI agents now required to pass physical fitness test

Agency addressing out of shape force

Should grown men use Emoji?

New York Times column questions use of images that look like 'stickers' used by 'schoolgirls'

Teen sues volleyball league after coach benches her

Legal battle brewing in Virginia

Popular music festivals ban selfie sticks

Coachella, Lollapalooza say no to narcissism 

Column: Anonymity in online dating is dying

'Red Eye' panel reacts

Man wins suit against Pizza Hut over hard croutons

Gets paid over $2,000

Should we be looking for extraterrestrial life?

Is search a waste of time?

House Dem: Climate change will force women into prostitution

Women affected differently than men?


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