Sephora in hot water for selling eyeshadow named 'Druggie'

Cosmetics retailer apologizes for name of shade; the 'Red Eye' panel gives their take

Airbus 'flying car' prototype to be tested by end of year

Customers would be able to book rides using an app

Halftime Report: Andy's tweet on Biden goes viral

'Red Eye' ombudsman explains what happened

Shillue: Political correctness claims the circus

No elephants, no fun for Ringling Bros.

Halftime Report: Andy tests out a new chair

TV's Andy Levy reports from the 'Red Eye' News Deck

Ashley Judd blasts 'whiteness' of emojis

Actress questions why black isn't standard setting for people symbols

Gavin McInnes implores Trump to 'stop the winning'

Comedian says America needs a break


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