Gutfeld: Terror puts everything in perspective

Written by Greg Gutfeld / Published April 17, 2013 / Red Eye

For me, it's a challenge to recall what was news before a terror attack.

Terror puts everything in perspective. It aligns priorities and tells you what matters. Everything on the front page slides away, replaced by horrific images of vicious murder.

And that's what it is. Not tragedy. It's murder.

One truth gleaned from this terrorist act is one worth remembering. It's from a poster that I saw on Facebook. It reads, "Cool guys walk away from explosions. Heroes run toward them."

Truer words were never spoken, unlike some others floating around on the web.

To me, the ability to resist an inclination for political rhetoric in times of tragedy is a fair measure of intelligence and grace.

Which is why one grimaces when they see people in the media speculate wildly or blame groups with whom they already share a beef.

I could name the usual suspects (Michael Moore) but you know who they are. They're the talking heads paid by the word, and they cannot stop from stringing them together, in no real order (Chris Matthews).

For them, silence is like suffocation.

Last night, the president said not to jump to conclusions.

If only the media who adores him so much would listen.

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