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Jim Hammer

Jim Hammer joined FOX News Channel (FNC) as a legal analyst in 2005.

In addition to serving as an analyst to FNC, he practices law with the Gonzalez & Leigh firm in San Francisco with a focus on civil rights.

Before beginning his career in San Francisco, Hammer was an assistant visiting professor at Santa Clara University Law School where he helped establish the East San Jose Community Law Center, primarily serving undocumented clients in wage and employment matters.

Prior to his current law firm, he served as the head of the homicide unit at the San Francisco District Attorney's office. While at the DA's office, he prosecuted a variety of complex murder cases, involving domestic violence homicide, multiple murder and child murder. In this capacity, he also convicted both defendants in the People v. Noel and Knoller, which was the first-ever murder conviction in the nation for a dog mauling death.

Hammer received his bachelor's from the University of California in Berkeley and then attended Hastings College of Law where he received his J.D.