• ELLISON: Well, let me ask you this. Why -- why won't -- I would rather that Congressman King call in the attorney general. Call in the FBI. Call in experts on the -- in the field who are learned and -- and published --

    O'REILLY: I assume he will. I assume that's going to happen.

    ELLISON: -- and have peer -- and have peer-reviewed information to share.

    Now, you might have some individual who has some opinions and that's fine. But you -- we need to get facts, not stereotypes.

    O'REILLY: I -- I'm with you. You and I agree a thousand percent this is what I said last night. Get the facts on the table. Stop the hysteria.

    ELLISON: Yes but you know what --

    O'REILLY: And I think King is going to do that.

    ELLISON: -- well, I hope he does. But you offered this individual, who I don't know, but it sounds like this allegation that he's making is not credible and has no merit --


    O'REILLY: Well, that -- look --

    ELLISON: -- and so I think that --

    O'REILLY: -- that's what. That is what --

    ELLISON: -- let's start --

    O'REILLY: Go ahead. Go ahead.

    ELLISON: -- let's -- let's start with what we -- with credible witnesses who actually have valid information to share. Let's call Eric Holder. Let's call Muriel from the FBI.

    O'REILLY: I think that's why I'm with you 100 percent -- I want to see those guys.

    ELLISON: Let's call people who know what they're talking about.

    O'REILLY: I want to see those guys but I also want to see Gaffney and I want to see Gaffney can back it up. I might have Gaffney on this program next week.

    ELLISON: I don't want to -- I don't want to see anybody who -- who is just throwing around allegations and stereotypes.

    O'REILLY: No -- no but you want -- you should, Congressman.

    ELLISON: Irresponsible information.

    O'REILLY: -- you should want to see that. Because if he gets up there in front of that committee --

    ELLISON: No, I don't.

    O'REILLY: -- and he's got bupkis (ph) and he can't back it up, they are gone. You should want that.

    ELLISON: No. Congress needs to focus its attention on high value information, not just naked stereotypes --

    O'REILLY: All right.

    ELLISON: -- that anybody can toss around.

    O'REILLY: Congressman, we really appreciate your time tonight. We know you are very busy. Thank you.

    ELLISON: Thank you. Thank you Bill.