• With: Chapin Rose

    INGRAHAM: Freedom to be a second-degree murderer, I guess.

    ROSE: This is -- all of the issues are brought up at the University of Illinois at their budget hearing this year.

    I mean, first of all, there's the issue of, you know, why are the students being subjected to this. Why are they paying tuition dollars for this.

    INGRAHAM: No, no, we made that point.

    ROSE: Then there's the issue of -- right, then there's the issue of safety but --

    INGRAHAM: But, yes, it's an issue of right and wrong at this point.

    ROSE: Right. But why was this done in the first place. I mean --

    INGRAHAM: Yes, well, they're not vetting their people obviously. I mean, --

    ROSE: Yes, that's exactly right.

    INGRAHAM: I'm telling you -- Senator, we're out of time but, I'm telling you, if you were a member of the Tea Party, he probably wouldn't have gotten hired in the first place.

    ROSE: No, he would have been gone.

    INGRAHAM: Exactly.

    ROSE: Yes, he would have been gone.

    INGRAHAM: We appreciate it, senator.

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