• With: Jesse Watters

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    O'REILLY: In "Back of the Book" segment tonight, "Watters' World." As we told you in the "Talking Points Memo," Congressman Nancy Pelosi told me eye-to-eye she'd do an interview but has not reneged.

    So, we sent our go-to guy, Watters, to Washington to try to solve this problem.


    JESSE WATTERS, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Leader Pelosi promised she'd do THE FACTOR. Now, all of a sudden, she just doesn't have time for us.

    STEVE KING, CONGRESSMAN, IOWA (R): There's no reason why the queen of San Francisco couldn't do an interview with Bill O'Reilly.

    JOE MANCHIN, SENATOR, WEST VIRGINIA (D): I swear to goodness, it will be the best experience of her life. I think it's a new improved Bill.

    LINDSEY GRAHAM, SENATOR, SOUTH CAROLINA (R): Nancy, tell Bill to his face what you say about and behind closed doors. He can take it.

    WATTERS: Nancy Pelosi refuse to do the show after telling Bill that she'd do it. So, we're just asking people advice.

    JOHN LEWIS, CONGRESSMAN, GEORGIA (D): I don't have any advice for Ms. Pelosi. I have to look after myself.

    MARCO RUBIO, SENATOR, FLORIDA (R): You know, I think she should do it. Bill is an equal opportunity-giver of our time.

    AL FRANKEN, SENATOR, MINNESOTA (D): You can go talk to my -- you can talk to our Communications Director.


    UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: I'm sorry. That was a big mistake.


    WATTERS: If you have any advice on making sure she keeps her word --

    UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE SENATOR: We're in the middle of an interview. Could you please back off.

    WATTERS: Sorry, Senator.

    TED CRUZ, SENATOR, TEXAS (R): In one interview with Bill O'Reilly, a hundred times more people will see her than on her usual hit on MSNBC.

    JOHN MCCAIN, SENATOR, ARIZONA, (R): After you do the interview, then you'll know what's in it. Just like affordable healthcare.

    SUSAN COLLINS, SENATOR, MAINE (R): I'd tell her to go on it. It's a great show.


    UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: Excited (ph).


    COLLINS: It's a great show.

    RAND PAUL, SENATOR, KENTUCKY (R): I would send it to her in writing, maybe a couple of thousand pages.

    WATTERS: You think she'd do the show?

    PAUL: No.

    MARSHA BLACKBURN, CONGRESSWOMAN, TENNESSEE (R): I think what Bill should do is give her a FACTOR mug, give her a couple of his books.

    WATTERS: Yes, maybe "Killing Jesus." That might sweeten the deal.


    BEN STILLER, ACTOR: I think it's brilliant.


    PAUL RYAN, CONGRESSMAN, WISCONSIN (R): We don't talk very much ourselves, so I don't think I have a good advice for you.

    PETER KING, CONGRESSMAN, NEW YORK (R): It's a good chance for San Francisco to meet Levittown.

    WATTERS: Ooh.

    KING: To have, you know, the elite meet the working class people.

    WATTERS: Senator, senator.