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    GUTFELD: In the "Personal Story Segment" tonight, Hollywood hypocrisy, many celebrities won't shut up about their disdain for the NRA - - remember that idiot Jim Carrey -- neither does he. The latest to join the anti-gun choir is portly producer Harvey Weinstein.


    HARVEY WEINSTEIN, PRODUCER: I don't think we need guns in this country and I hate it and I think the NRA is a disaster area. And I'm going to actually make a movie -- I shouldn't say this but I'll tell it to you Howard -- I'm going to make a movie with Meryl Streep and we're going to take this issue head on. And they're going to wish they weren't alive after I'm done with them.


    GUTFELD: Oh boy that's an interesting position concerning Weinstein finances some of the most violent films to hit the silver screens "Kill Bill", "Pulp Fiction", "Django Unchained", his stuff makes Dirty Harry look like Bambi.

    Joining me now to react, our blond panel: the only "FIVE" co-hosts I tower over, Dana Perino; and Red Eye guy Andy Levy.

    First Dana, I go to you, he hates guns, but he uses them like punctuation marks in his films. Is that hypocritical or just smart business?

    DANA PERINO, CO-HOST, "THE FIVE": It's very hypocritical and then also in his PR move, what he says to Howard Stern is that they're going to wish they weren't alive.

    GUTFELD: Yes, I love that. I love that.

    PERINO: I know maybe he's just going to use a knife instead of a gun.

    GUTFELD: Yes I don't know and that's exciting too. I guess or snakes. Weinstein's thinks guns should only be available during times like the holocaust.


    GUTFELD: How does that work?

    LEVY: Well guess what happens if a holocaust situation arises, guns magically appear.

    GUTFELD: Yes.

    LEVY: And then the people who are being oppressed, can I think walk out your door.

    GUTFELD: Yes.

    LEVY: And you look in your mailbox and there's a gun in there and then you can defend yourself.

    GUTFELD: Yes.

    LEVY: Apparently in his mind that's how it works. You mentioned the violence in his movies he -- he's not saying he's promising not to make any more movies that glamorize guns. There is no word yet of whether he's going to give back all the money he's made from the ones he's already done.

    But the sources in my head tell me that's highly unlikely.

    GUTFELD: Yes.

    PERINO: Anything about this is that the NRA is not going away and Hollywood is not going away. So they could continue to be at war with one another, which actually probably helps both of them from their own PR standpoint. If he was really serious about doing something, why doesn't Harvey Weinstein think about partnering with the NRA on something?

    GUTFELD: Yes.

    PERINO: I mean they could, they could work together.

    GUTFELD: You really are crazy. Did you see that? But actually the point Dana is making, Andy, is true, that because of the extremist rhetoric that is used by Hollywood and even the President of the United States about guns, that actually drives animosity to a higher pitch when you cannot negotiate or have a decent conversation.

    LEVY: I don't think so. I think a lot of NRA members are out there going, oh, no Meryl Streep, you're going to be in a movie that's anti-gun I guess I better give up my membership.

    GUTFELD: Yes.

    LEVY: And also remember when (inaudible) for Columbine completely change our gun culture.

    GUTFELD: Yes.

    LEVY: Nobody bought guns ever again.

    PERINO: And "Fast Food Nation" -- nobody ever bought another hamburger.

    LEVY: Yes.

    GUTFELD: The thing that drives me nuts is Harvey Weinstein -- this is kind of -- this is class warfare, rich jerks like him don't need a gun because there are other people that handle his security. He's always first class, he's always in a car, he's never with rabble he -- if he gets shot, he's so fat, it's going to be a flesh wound. He's completely, he's fine, he doesn't have anything to worry about. It's the regular shopkeepers, the people that can't afford a bodyguard right.

    PERINO: Or the dad in his home that wants to protect his family. Yes exactly. But interestingly though in this weird hypocrisy, and it's also the very -- those very people who actually like to watch the movies that Harvey Weinstein produces probably not the one that he will do with Meryl Steep that doesn't exactly sound like the one that's going to get you to the box office.

    GUTFELD: Yes.

    PERINO: But the people who already hate the NRA are the only ones who are going to go see the Meryl Streep movie anyway. So it's not going to be any changing of the minds. It will just be a status quo.

    GUTFELD: This to me though, it does kind of reflect the hatred for -- not a hatred but -- a mockery of an America that they don't know, an America that is too stupid to handle a weapon. They believed that John Travolta can handle a weapon in "Pulp Fiction" or Samuel L. Jackson, but nobody else can. Nobody can do it.