• With: Bernard McGuirk,Greg Gutfeld

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    "Back of the Book" segment tonight, the "Pinheads of the Week." And we begin with Gutfeld's selection of actor Chris Noth.


    UNIDENTIFIED HUFFINGTON POST REPORTER: If President Obama is white, do we have a government shutdown.

    CHRIS NOTH, ACTOR: Probably not. I don't think they would have -- I don't believe it.

    I mean, with these Tea Party guys, maybe, maybe it was inevitable but there is something about Obama that makes these people just intolerable. And I consider then to be un-American.


    O'REILLY: OK, now, we had Robert Redford on yesterday. I don't know whether you saw the FACTOR, but he said he was racist, too. I don't know what these guys are drinking. I mean, what is that.

    GUTFELD: I have a theory. You know, that was the "Huffington Post," by the way. It's the blog for cat ladies and beta males.

    Keep wondering, why do actors keep doing this. And if you take a look at Chris Noth, and you've got to wonder, he's never around when there's a Klan rally.


    Could he be in the Klan.

    O'REILLY: No, why would he be in the Klan.

    GUTFELD: No? Well, I think he might.

    O'REILLY: Why.

    GUTFELD: You know what, the point is, he accuses us, --

    O'REILLY: Yes.

    GUTFELD: -- conservatives, of being racists with only by using his own psychological intent. He has no evidence, whatsoever. So, I don't need evidence to say that he's in the Klan.

    O'REILLY: So, you're going to sink to his level.

    GUTFELD: Oh, I'm going to exceed sinking to his level.


    I'm diving head first into the deep end and calling him a Klan man.

    O'REILLY: So, by extension, are you a "Pinhead of the Week," too.

    GUTFELD: Yes. By the way, literally, a pinhead right here.


    And this is -- notice the similarities?

    O'REILLY: No, I don't.

    GUTFELD: Well, look closely.

    O'REILLY: No, I don't.

    GUTFELD: No. But point is this, if they can do it, --

    O'REILLY: Yes.

    GUTFELD: -- so can we.

    O'REILLY: OK, very immature. All right, now, McGuirk --

    MCGUIRK: Yes, Bill.

    O'REILLY: -- has selected the Dallas Texans fans. Go.


    UNIDENTIFIED FOOTBALL GAME ANNOUNCER: Shot goes down. Chris Long. And the ball is out.

    UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE SPORTS REPORTER: He goes down awkwardly on his right ankle. He comes out of the game. Texans fans actually cheering as he comes out.

    UNIDENTIFIED FOOTBALL GAME ANNOUNCER: Ball dead for a sack but no fumble. And Schaub is reaching for that right ankle.