• With: Dana Perino

    PERINO: I -- perhaps so and that's changed, although I think this poll is different. Usually you'll see polls that say that everybody hates Congress but they love their own congressman.

    GUTFELD: Right.

    PERINO: This time around I think that the trust in government is the lowest it has been in four years; 80 percent of the country thinks that Washington, D.C. has us on the wrong track and only 11 percent approve of Congress. These are completely different world views of what is happening all across the country, but in the state legislatures, the Republicans continue to do really well.

    GUTFELD: Right.

    PERINO: But nationally they are not. And their brand has taken a hit, but what you'll hear from some on the far right is that the hit was worth it.

    GUTFELD: Yes well Republicans do well locally because they think locally. They don't think globally.

    PERINO: And shop locally.

    GUTFELD: They do that as well, well, I don't know if they do that, but is it fair to compare the numbers of Congress to the President when the President really is a single entity. The Congress is a group of people and in fact, it's like -- it's like people would generally like David over Goliath, so a sole figure usually polls better.

    PERINO: Well I think, well no -- I don't think so in this case. Because what's interesting is on both the right and the left and President Obama does this a lot, he's both the victim and the victor in every single issue.

    GUTFELD: Right.

    PERINO: So they'll attack him mercilessly because it's him but yes he'll claim it a win. But then you look at like the Obamacare rollout and that's a great example of they say the government was going to be so great.

    GUTFELD: Yes.

    PERINO: This new program is going to be so great, and if it's not, then it's also the opponent's fault because it's not great.

    GUTFELD: Yes. Well the Republicans are always unpopular because of the anti-Santa Claus, so by being unpopular, isn't that almost a mark of achievement? Or am I just spinning this?

    PERINO: I think you're spinning it.

    GUTFELD: Am I spinning it?

    PERINO: And if it causes you to constantly lose elections.

    GUTFELD: Yes.

    PERINO: Then I'm not going to fall for that again. I'm not going to fall for the polls are wrong --

    GUTFELD: Yes.

    PERINO: -- again. It was too heartbreaking the last time around. I think that the polls are serious, but I also l think that for -- if you're looking at the 2014 elections, the Republicans are in pretty good shape. Nate Silver of the 538 Blog he came out today and said that the media is overplaying the shutdown, but the media overplays everything.

    GUTFELD: Yes now Cruz -- Ted Cruz actually contacted you.

    PERINO: Yes I thought this was pretty interesting. So I was against the defund tactic early on.

    GUTFELD: Yes.

    PERINO: And said so, maintained that. On Tuesday, "THE FIVE" went down to Washington, D.C.

    GUTFELD: Yes.

    PERINO: And we mentioned this on Monday night, heading down there, I'm on the train, I thought maybe I would hear from somebody in Congress, anybody, any smart PR person, the only office that contacted me was Senator Ted Cruz and invited me over. I had a wonderful chat with him for about 15 minutes. And I think that the politics of the personal getting to know somebody --

    GUTFELD: Yes.

    PERINO: -- actually works really well because I might not agree with the tactic, but I think he's a great guy.

    GUTFELD: You should have told him to get darker ties.

    PERINO: Darker ties -- you have been giving a lot of fashion advice today.

    GUTFELD: The light tie and a light shirt.

    PERINO: You didn't like my shirt, you said it was Halloween.

    GUTFELD: Yes it's very Halloween you look like a tiny pumpkin.

    PERINO: You think about Nick Gillespie is coming up.

    GUTFELD: You look like a Dana O'Lantern.

    PERINO: Oh really.

    GUTFELD: Yes.

    PERINO: Do you want to talk about what happened at the beginning of this segment?

    GUTFELD: Well maybe.