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    GUTFELD: In the "Impact Segment" tonight, as you may know, Texas Senator Ted Cruz is at the forefront of the government shutdown debate facing criticism from Democrats and some fellow Republicans.

    Today while speaking at the Value Voter Summit or VVS a conservative event in Washington, D.C., Cruz was shouted down by some far-left immigration activists.


    CRUZ: It is unfortunate -- it is unfortunate that the administration --


    GUTFELD: Who are those goof balls? Well THE FACTOR is investigating the group responsible and Bill will have a special report on that on Monday. I'm not sleeping until then.

    Joining me now to react, let's bring in my "Five" co-host and former gymnast Dana Perino. Dana you are heckled a lot to and from work, usually by children and the clergy, is it a badge of honor to be heckled? That means you've made it.

    DANA PERINO, CO-HOST, "THE FIVE": Right. If you're not -- some people take it as a major compliment.

    GUTFELD: Right.

    PERINO: If you aren't getting the far-left to come out and heckle you with a paid protester or whoever they were.

    GUTFELD: Yes.

    PERINO: If you're not doing something to get heckled, then you're not doing it right.

    GUTFELD: Yes.

    PERINO: That's their perspective. I crumble --

    GUTFELD: Yes.

    PERINO: -- when things like that happen to me.

    GUTFELD: Oh no you're a tough girl. The other weird -- I'm pretty certain that these are left-wing hecklers, because do you notice, there are never any conservatives really -- there's not a lot of conservative hecklers because they are usually working?

    PERINO: Because well the inherent nature of their conservativeness make that they wouldn't ever -- they are just too polite.

    GUTFELD: Yes exactly.

    PERINO: They are just too polite.

    GUTFELD: Also it's the benefit of being a leftist or part of a left- wing group, is there are so many around doing nothing. In fact, their whole -- the political is personal to them. So actually going to some place and yelling at somebody and personally disrupting where they work or whatever is considered a political act even though it's personally obnoxious.

    PERINO: And this is what you would call a protest backfire.

    GUTFELD: Yes.

    PERINO: And so Senator Cruz handled it beautifully.

    GUTFELD: Yes.

    PERINO: And he stands -- and you know and he -- he kind of loves it.

    GUTFELD: Yes.

    PERINO: And for the left, they love to make him the bogeyman. He's the new guy to hate, he's in all the Tea Party --

    GUTFELD: Right.

    PERINO: -- Ted Cruz talking points that you'll see, watch this weekend. In all the talking points you'll hear from the left, Ted Cruz will be mentioned every single time, but I actually think it backfired on them today.

    GUTFELD: Yes it's an outgrowth of the obsession with the Tea Party in general, for the left the Tea Party is like the prom date that turned them down, but they can't seem to stop thinking about.

    PERINO: Does that still hurt your feelings?

    GUTFELD: Yes it does, actually.

    PERINO: I can see that it really you're still scarred by that.

    GUTFELD: I am. Well it gives me the power to achieve. All right. Let's turn to a new "Wall Street Journal" poll, which I love to do. Basically says no one is faring well in the face of the government shutdown; 60 percent of those polled said they would vote out every member of Congress, including their own representative if given the chance.

    Now Dana you are used to being disliked even by your own friends who find most of your behavior unacceptable.

    PERINO: Yes.

    GUTFELD: Isn't it purely American, dare say, patriotic, to hate politicians and politics in general, because you're busy with your own life being an individual?