• With: Jesse Watters

    O'REILLY: Before the statutory rape?

    WATTERS: Before, he was going --

    O'REILLY: So, this wasn't a first-time offense for this guy.

    WATTERS: No, they deferred the prosecution because when she --

    O'REILLY: So, he's done it before.

    WATTERS: No, no, no. When they defer prosecution --


    -- so, when she committed suicide, they had no witness to testify against him, so the state said, "We're going to give three-year sex offender treatment."


    And he failed out of it. That's why the state came back and said, "No, we want a 10-year hard time."

    O'REILLY: Oh, so it was all about this case.

    WATTERS: Exactly.

    O'REILLY: And the girl who committed suicide, did she leave a note. Did she say anything on the suicide note.


    WATTERS: She did not leave a note but what we hear was she was being tortured by her peers and verbally abused because --


    -- of this whole case going public.

    O'REILLY: Because of this.

    WATTERS: Yes, because of the statutory rape.

    O'REILLY: All right. Watters, thank you very much.

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