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    O'REILLY: Thanks for staying with us. I'm Bill O'Reilly. In the "Weekdays with Bernie" segment tonight, you may remember, this sound bite from last week.


    BARACK OBAMA, PRESIDENT, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: With this endless parade of distractions and political posturing and phony scandals, Washington has taken its eye off the ball. And I'm here to say this needs to stop.


    O'REILLY: And joining us now from North Carolina to react, the purveyor of bernardgoldberg.com, Mr. Goldberg.

    So, why would anyone think the president would not say that, Bernie. Of course he's going to say that.

    BERNIE GOLDBERG, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: I totally agree. Anybody with a pulse knows what this is about.

    This is a president who refuses to take responsibility for the crummy economic recovery, --


    -- for the chronically-high unemployment during his entire presidency. And, because he won't take responsibility for this, five years in, he can't blame George Bush anymore.

    That dog won't hunt. So, now, he has figured out that it's Republicans who have concocted phony scandals that he's blaming.


    We all understand why he's doing it, what needs to be done, if I could just indulge in wishful thinking for 30 seconds.

    What needs to be done is that the next time journalists have access to the president, they need to say, "What phony scandals are you talking about, Mr. President. Are you talking about "Fast and Furious" where a border agent was killed because a federal program got screwed up."

    "Are you talking about Benghazi where four Americans were slaughtered. And almost a year later, we still don't know what went on."

    "Are you talking about the IRS scandal because, Mr. President, in May, you said that was outrageous. Two and a half months later, it's a phony scandal."

    "Are you talking about going after journalists at the Associated Press and Fox News. Were they phony scandals."

    This -- the press has to treat this president that way they would treat Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush. And they would never tolerate phony scandals as an excuse for failure.

    O'REILLY: What are the odds the national media will begin treating President Obama --


    GOLDBERG: Zero.

    O'REILLY: Zero. They're never going to do it because they have --

    GOLDBERG: That's why I said it's wishful thinking on my part.

    O'REILLY: Right. They have emotion invested in his success.

    GOLDBERG: Exactly. Absolutely true.

    O'REILLY: That's what it is. All right.

    GOLDBERG: Can I give you a specific example of why it won't happen, a very specific example.

    O'REILLY: Sure.

    GOLDBERG: The Media Research, our friends over at the Media Research Center did a study on how much time the networks devoted to the royal baby in just one week.


    ABC News and NBC News, in just one week, devoted more than twice as much time to the royal baby as they did to the entire IRS scandal.


    And that started two and a half months ago in May. More than twice as much time in one week than they did to the IRS scandal in two and a half months.

    CBS News was the only one that devoted more time to the scandal than the royal baby. That's how he gets away with this.

    O'REILLY: Well, you know, there's a solution to that though.

    GOLDBERG: What's that

    O'REILLY: If the royal family is audited -- oh, they are in Britain, so they --