• With: Mark Zaid

    O'REILLY:  How do we know if nobody will tell us what they did?

    ZAID:  We'll know -- we'll know at some point. The problem with this, Bill, is that this administration, coming in on its grounds of transparency and wanting to be the presidency that would protect national security, in particular whistleblowers, has done little to nothing to do so. People don't wake up one morning and say "I'm going to become a whistle blower or a leaker" and leak classified information.

    O'REILLY:  And Hicks got hammered when Hicks the second in command in Libya started criticizing the security. They got pounded.

    ZAID:  Yes there is no mechanism for these people to come forward and tell people internally to the government I'm concerned about something. And what will you do about it?


    O'REILLY:  Right, there is abuse of power, right. All right, well, we've got to strengthen those laws. Counsel thanks very much.

    ZAID:  Absolutely.

    O'REILLY:  A very interesting segment.

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