• O'REILLY: And outside of you guys, when Piazza was playing, now I got a team - I don't - I think I'm star in the center of field. The irony ...

    You throw the first pitcher, Alan?

    PIAZZA: You had a good form.

    O'REILLY: They want to sign me.

    PIAZZA: Yeah, good movement on their right.


    O'REILLY : That bullpen was so bad, they're going, hey, O'Reilly! But, you know, but - do I have to stay a Met fan?

    PIAZZA: You do, you do. You know, because I realized this and I just saw a bunch of great people today, being a Mets fan is about faith. And ...

    O'REILLY : That's right.

    PIAZZA: A loft despair.

    O'REILLY: Absolutely.

    PIAZZA: Remember that 28 world championships like the other guys? So we just ride it out and keep going.

    WILLIAMS: All right. Mike Piazza, great book "Long Shot." Thanks for coming in.

    PIAZZA: My pleasure.

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