• With: Megyn Kelly

    O'REILLY: You know, the marine's parents are going on "Hannity" after this program. So, I want you to stick around for that.

    KELLY: And on "America Live" tomorrow.

    O'REILLY: Here's what we're going to do. We're going to do a story on it tomorrow. Mexican Embassy, again, we asked you all day long to comment. You're hiding. You can't continue to hide.

    And, Hillary Clinton, you know what? You've got to get involved. All right, Ms. Secretary, you've got to get involved. That's it.

    And if President Obama has to get involved, he has to get involved. This is a Marine corporal. This is an American. Four months for nothing.

    KELLY: He didn't do anything wrong.

    O'REILLY: That's it, all right. So --

    KELLY: He is facing up to 12 years in prison, essentially.

    O'REILLY: Well, he's going to get out soon. I have confidence the new president of Mexico is going to do the right thing.

    KELLY: Well, it's a sketchy situation down there. They're calling the parents from the jail and they're trying to extort thousands of dollars from them --

    O'REILLY: Of course, that's what they do.

    KELLY: -- that theyhad to have him move to solitary confinement which is a shed next to the prison guard.

    O'REILLY: If the parents had paid 10 grand, they probably could have gotten him out.

    KELLY: They say he has been chained to the bed. Apparently, we were able to stop that from happening, so --

    O'REILLY: All right. Enough is enough. All right, Senator Bob Menendez from New Jersey, apparently, had an immigrant who was in the country

    -- not an immigrant, an intern who is in the country illegally, all right.

    KELLY: Right.

    O'REILLY: And a registered sex offender to boot. Pick it up.

    KELLY: Well, then, that intern just got arrested. He's only a young kid. He's 18 years old. He got arrested.

    O'REILLY: What was the -- you know what the sex charge was against him.

    KELLY: No, because it was, apparently --

    O'REILLY: Sealed?

    KELLY: Yes. Because it happened when he was a juvy but he still had to register as a sex offender. I'm very confused about this case because it happened here in the United States. And, yet, why was he still here.

    O'REILLY: Because they don't deport people, you know --

    KELLY: They say it's the illegal immigrants who make him register as a sex offender and then they let him go get a job in the senator's office?

    O'REILLY: The "Boston Globe" of tomorrow on the FACTOR, The "Boston Globe," has done a big investigation on illegal immigrants committing horrendous crimes and nothing happens to them. We'll have that tomorrow.

    But you shouldn't be surprised about this. You've seen this before. Well, what about Menendez. What does he say.

    KELLY: So, the allegation is, the "Associated Press" claims it has one U.S. official familiar with the case who is telling the AP that ICE snuffed out the guy, went to the Department of Homeland Security and said, "This is going to be a high-profile thing because he's an intern for a senator.

    And this official claims that Homeland Security told Ice, "Don't make the arrest until after the election," because this was really October.

    ICE and Homeland Security are denying that categorically, on the record, they claim no politics were involved in this --

    O'REILLY: Right. And Menendez, what does he say.

    KELLY: And Menendez says, "I was shocked. I've just found all of this out."

    And his office is saying, "Well, look, we couldn't have known that he was an illegal immigrant because -- how would we check that."

    O'REILLY: Well, when you're an intern, aren't you supposed to check the resumes and stuff and figure out where he comes from.

    KELLY: It's the federal government or like, I know, he was an unpaid intern. Maybe, after --


    O'REILLY: You just run a little check on him because, he's right, he's a busy senator. You run a little check and see where he is.

    KELLY: So, that is the status of our offices --

    O'REILLY: OK, OK. Megyn Kelly, everyone. Keep your eye on this marine, OK?

    KELLY: His parents are going to be on "America Live" tomorrow as well.