• With: Bernie Goldberg

    And then for good -- and he didn't vote for Romney. He sat home. And then for good measure, he says that if any republican says, "I'm going to reach across the aisle," I will not vote for him.

    Purists like that will sink the republican party.

    O'REILLY: But how many republicans -- what percentage would you put on that kind of a presentation. How many republicans are in that category.

    GOLDBERG: Well, we know that 3 million fewer republicans voted this time than they voted for McCain. I don't know how many of those agree with guy.

    But I'll bet you, it's at least a million or so. And then if they nominate somebody that he likes, you know, some hard -- and this gets back to the "Talking Points," some hard-lined social conservative, that republican will never win either, Bill.

    O'REILLY: No. You have to be able to persuade people in the middle that your vision for the country is good for them. And that's what I was saying. I think the Hispanic precincts can be won over. You just have to say, "Look, it's not good for you. This isn't good for you, what's going on."

    GOLDBERG: It takes a certain kind of republican. It takes a kind of conservative Barack Obama, and I mean that in the best sense for conservatives.

    And, you know what, republican messiahs don't come along that often. I don't think things look good for republicans unless they find that magic candidate.

    O'REILLY: Yes, and that's why I wrote that "Killing Lincoln" book, by the way, to show people what Abraham Lincoln did under the republican banner.

    Bernie Goldberg, everybody.

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