• INGRAHAM: Right. It took a long time, but you have got to do it. You've got to make the appearance, right?

    DAVIS: Working class voters and Latinos is what cost us about six states in this election.

    INGRAHAM: I think when you can't win your home states of Massachusetts, Michigan, California ...

    DAVIS: Working class Latinos cost us six states.

    INGRAHAM: Well ...

    DAVIS: That's enough to have the presidency.

    INGRAHAM: Well, so amnesty is the answer?

    DAVIS: It's not the answer, but we do have to reward work, responsibility and family.

    DAVIS: And conservatives are going to break that.

    INGRAHAM: ...bring your grandmother in.

    DAVIS: Work, responsibility and family. Conservatives can embrace that.

    INGRAHAM: Marco Rubio and Susana Martinez are two people I love...

    DAVIS: Here you go. Conservatives can embrace that strategy.

    INGRAHAM: Absolutely. Artur, great to see you as always.

    DAVIS: OK.

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