• With: Juan Williams and Mary Katharine Ham

    But the bidding war, we are going to lose that.

    HAM: Yes I agree with you, I'm a conservative. I do not want Republicans to be status like. I do think that works for them and it hasn't worked when we tried it in the past. But I do think that you can be conservative, you can sell that message but you are correct. Both you and Juan are correct that you need a really good messenger to bring that message and we do have to deal with.

    I think there were two problems going on with Mitt Romney's campaign. It does look like the orca get out the boat ended up being a beached whale according to some reports. And the other -- so a lot of white voters who could have been there for him were not. And then the other thing is, yes, in these places like Virginia, Florida, Colorado, Hispanic voters turned out among minority voters and younger voters and women did build up a fire wall that he would not otherwise have had.

    And so we have to deal with that and the fact is that we need to not just put folks who are -- who can speak to that community or who might be Hispanic but are really, really great messengers. For instance, Marco Rubio is one of them who I think sells conservatism really, really well. In addition I think the Republican Party has been bad about going straight to those communities.

    INGRAHAM: Just go to them -- Reagan.

    HAM: This is where we agree. And it's hard to scale. It might not get you a bunch of voters.

    INGRAHAM: Right, it takes you a while.


    HAM: And it might cost you a lot of money and time but you've got to get in there and try.

    INGRAHAM: You know I -- Mary Katharine I was thinking of Barack Obama himself right? In 2010, when the Democrats were handed this big defeat, right? You know Tea Party really was resurgent and so forth.

    HAM: Right.

    INGRAHAM: Barack Obama didn't say ok, I'm going to become ---I'm going to move to the middle and I'm going to abandon my liberal principles.

    HAM: Yes.

    INGRAHAM: And I'm going to try to appeal to all these -- all of these single people and all these married people by being a little bit more conservative. Instead Barack Obama said you know something? We are going to sell our message. We're going to package it, and we're going to connect to people on a human way and in a strategic way. I think he did a brilliant job at doing that. He didn't moderate his views.


    WILLIAMS: Well ok but let me just say.

    HAM: He certainly did, I think to the --

    WILLIAMS: Well go ahead Mary Katharine.

    HAM: Go ahead. Go ahead Juan.

    WILLIAMS: No, I was going to say I think he did moderate his views. But let me come back to something --

    INGRAHAM: On what issue?

    WILLIAMS: -- on lots of issues. But let me just --


    INGRAHAM: Ok Juan, give me one.

    WILLIAMS: -- let me come back to something that you said earlier. You think that when it comes to conservative values that you should not abandon them. And I'm not encouraging Republicans to abandon them. I think conservative values, conservative principles to a conservative Latino population that goes to church, loves family, loves entrepreneurship is a winning message.

    INGRAHAM: Right.

    HAM: Right.

    WILLIAMS: But Republicans have to do the outreach, Laura.

    INGRAHAM: You are preaching to the choir -- you're preaching on the choir on that. They should have gone into those neighborhoods and connected with those faith-based communities. Marco Rubio had that plan for that.

    HAM: Do not forget the education issues. School choice is where we can win with folks like that.

    WILLIAMS: Hey way to go, Mary Katharine. It's exactly right. This is what you do. Sell it?

    INGRAHAM: Good point. Romney didn't want to really get into the nitty-gritty of those issues. They played it very defensive. And they thought the bad economy was going to win it for them.

    WILLIAMS: Oh please, come on self-deportation that's hostility.

    INGRAHAM: That was -- that was -- that was during the campaign primary season. And Barack Obama himself has said all sorts of things to alienate people. He managed to triangulate away from those points.

    WILLIAMS: You don't even want to talk about Republicans --

    INGRAHAM: Absolutely. Absolutely but I mean the language does matter. I think Juan is right about that.

    Mary Katharine, Juan, thanks.

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