• With: Dick Morris

    MORRIS: I know. But my question is, is my appearance going to be before or after you buy me dinner?

    O'REILLY: I'm not buying you anything. I didn't bet anything, Morris. I got your back here. You know, people saying terrible things. No, no, no. Let's see what happens.

    Look, Beckel, you bet Beckel. Beckel will bet you his house. You can take his house away. You can take his house.

    MORRIS: But listen, I want to say something about the MoveOn video.

    O'REILLY: Real fast.

    MORRIS: In my book "Black Helicopters", I write about how the U.N. is sending inspectors to monitor the voting in the United States. What's going to happen is after Romney wins this in a landslide the Democratic narrative will be down the black vote was down. It was down because of unemployment and disillusionment. They'll say it's down because of voter suppression --

    O'REILLY: Suppressed. Right.

    MORRIS: -- and that's how this will go into history.

    O'REILLY: No it won't because we're not going to let them get away with that.

    Morris thanks very much. We'll see you next Wednesday. That will be high noon.

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