• With: Dennis Miller

    O'REILLY: New poll that said, who would you rather babysit your child, Romney or Obama. This is ABC News. And they must have spent days thinking this one up, all right. So, Romney loses in the babysitting poll.

    MILLER: Yes.

    O'REILLY: So, I guess, they think he might outsource the job and you might have a Taiwanese guy there.


    MILLER: But, I think, what that reflects is the fact that Obama has done such a good job over the last four years of instituting a nanny state that they figured, it might just translate on over to babysitting.


    O'REILLY: You just knocked that up, all right. I wouldn't -- I don't think I'd want the President babysitting because, you know, Reverend Wright might come over and, you know, the kid would go, "Gun!" "What? Where'd you learn that?!" "Well, Reverend Wright came over."

    MILLER: Well, at this point, after four years, I think Obama reminds them of the Saint Bernard in Peter Pan, you know.


    MICHAEL DARLING: Come on, Nana.


    O'REILLY: Can you imagine ABC News and "Washington Post" and this is what they're talking about.

    MILLER: The well is dry, Bill.

    O'REILLY: All right, who would you rather cutting your lawn, all right.

    MILLER: The well is dry if that's what they're polling on now.

    O'REILLY: And, Miller, are you going to break this tonight on the FACTOR. He's got a new book that he wants me to --

    MILLER: Oh, yes. I asked them to put the cover up. Do you have it here. "Killing Lincoln Logs."


    Now, there's nothing in the book. But, I figure, if they Google "Killing Lincoln," which has sold 53 million copies, they might not want to wait for the time delay to order that. And they might get "Killing Lincoln Logs." So, that's why I did it.


    O'REILLY: Did you have Lincoln logs when you were a kid.

    MILLER: I used to walk eight miles through the snow to build my Lincoln logs.


    O'REILLY: You know problem with Lincoln logs, once the dog would eat them. And then you'd have to do the Heimlich on them. Well, then, there's the Lincoln log.

    All right, Dennis Miller, everybody. Here we go.


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