• With: Megyn Kelly

    KELLY: They try to provide for the children. They try to provide for the children.

    O'REILLY: Who is that?

    KELLY: But here's my… but let me finish my point. Let me finish my point, the studies show --

    O'REILLY: Yes.

    KELLY: ...that those who are receiving welfare benefits or unemployment benefits are no more likely and actually may be less likely than the general population to be on drugs.

    So I do think it may be targeting unfairly a group that…

    O'REILLY: What study is that? What study is that?

    KELLY: There's a few of them. There's several.

    O'REILLY: Yes.

    KELLY: We went through all of this when Florida tried to pass its law banning welfare recipients from getting their payments if they were on drugs. Now that applied to any applicant.

    O'REILLY: Did that pass in Florida by the way?

    KELLY: No it just got struck… it passed but it struck down.

    O'REILLY: Got struck down, yes.

    KELLY: Now still under review. But I just… I think that they are… they are unfairly assuming that people who apply for unemployment benefits or welfare benefits have a higher propensity for drug use.

    O'REILLY: All right. But you dodged my question.

    KELLY: ...and the studies don't support that.

    O'REILLY: But you dodged my question, if you were in the Senate in Arizona would you vote for this law?

    KELLY: I'm not going to answer that.

    O'REILLY: Ok. the NAACP is complaining to the United Nations… the United Nations, that U.S. voting laws…

    KELLY: Yes.

    O'REILLY: …are some somehow unfair. Why?

    KELLY: So now the U.N. Human Rights Council…

    O'REILLY: Wasn’t Libya on that one, is it Libya on that one?

    KELLY: They say that they want to shame us. The NAACP says they want to shame us, that's what they are doing this for. Because they think that these laws will disenfranchise minority voters.

    O'REILLY: What laws?

    KELLY: And -- these Voter ID Laws. They don't like the Voter ID Laws.

    O'REILLY: Ok it's all about the Voter ID Laws.

    KELLY: Yes.

    O'REILLY: Ok.

    KELLY: And so they want to shame the United States in front of this U.N. --

    O'REILLY: Yes.

    KELLY: ...world body, this Human Rights Commission.

    O'REILLY: And Libya is on there.

    KELLY: Libya is on there and so is other on this commission includes China.

    O'REILLY: China… human rights.

    KELLY: …where there is forced abortions millions of babies.

    O'REILLY: Absolutely, yes.

    KELLY: Saudi Arabia where women don't even get to vote; woman cannot vote in Saudi Arabia.

    O'REILLY: And beheading, we have beheadings.

    KELLY: But Saudi Arabia is going to decide whether our voting laws are appropriate or not. Uganda. Do I need to mention Kony?